Joy Journey 1.2

The first month on my journey to joy has come and gone so I’ve decided to share a short progress report.

I’ve done reasonably well and am giving myself a grade of C. BTW, this is a big deal to give myself a C. I was one of those kids driven to earn straight A’s in school. This gives you an idea how far I’ve fallen in my life. Just kidding! More a sign of me relaxing into myself while loosening the grip of perfectionism. Just a tip in case any of you readers suffer from that malady.

I’ve learned two lessons from my month of love. The most important is to be gentle with myself & my progress. Many aspects of this journey are new for me even though I’ve been on a path of growth for many years. This is my first year to create a deliberate plan and go public with it. Writing and blogging are also both new for me. The second lesson is understanding that concrete action helps anchor my intentions and feelings. For years, I’ve been trying to change my life from the inside out using thoughts and meditation. While I still believe that’s possible, I’m no longer willing to live that way.

Have I learned to be more loving? Yes. Did I get where I wanted? No. Am I willing to be gentle and love myself? Yes. Can I do better? Yes, and I’m willing to keep playing.  It’s an exciting game that could go either way, winning the grand prize of a joyful life or failing. Even failing could be fun, a chance to create a new game.

My project for November is to focus on appreciation. This will be my Thanksgiving tribute. I want to honor our country’s bounty; independence, freedom, fertile land, rainbow of  people, and spirit of giving. To anchor my appreciation, I will do the following practice. I’ll spend at least 5″ appreciating aspects of my life each morning and evening. Additionally, whenever I notice my feelings are lagging, I will “drop and do 10”. This is a practice to pause what I’m doing to find 10 things in my life to be grateful for. I learned this from Christi Daniels of Attitude Rx.

Here are some things large and small that I am thankful for today.

I am thankful for my good health and my healed back.

I am thankful for my savings that allows me the freedom to blog and design a new life.

I am thankful for DreamCrafters, a local group of friends who support each other in reaching our dreams & goals.

I am thankful for a clean quiet house to call mine.

I am thankful for friends and family.

I am thankful for the wonderful fall weather.

I am thankful for my computer to write this nonsense!

I am thankful for my growing network of readers.

I am thankful for the birds who visit my yard.

I am thankful for my growing feeling of aliveness.

May you discover your blessings during this season of Thanksgiving.

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