Vibrant Health as Spiritual Path

Is your health where you want it? Do you enjoy vibrant health and vitality?

Yesterday I was given an opportunity for compassion. Lately, my health & aliveness have been building to a joyous, vibrant level. Besides feeling good, I can see a sparkle in my eye that hasn’t been there for a while. Yesterday however, the simple act of getting dressed brought me to my knees literally. As I was bending over I experienced a shooting pain in my lower back that left me paralized in pain on the floor. All day, the slightest movement could trigger renewed pain and consequent holding, that only tightened my muscles and locked in the pain.

So I slowed down and adapted as best I could. Many of the things I take for granted like being able to bend over or walk were not possible. I did some gentle stretching, used a heating pad to loosen things up, went to bed early and slept 9 hours. Today I woke up with less pain and more mobility. I started feeling more alive and less focused on the pain. I see how pain can overload our senses and signals.

This gave me a renewed appreciation for my health and how blessed I am. Good health has been a priority for over 20 years; studying, experimenting and applying principals in my life. I pay attention to my body & how it responds to different foods, substances, and activities. I put a high value on my physical health and am stepping up my game. I already eat healthy foods in moderate quantities, exercise 3-5 times per week, and target 8 hours sleep each night. Now I’ve decided to eliminate coffee and alcohol. Lately the short term buzz from coffee isn’t worth the loss of clarity and control with my senses. And I feel the dehydrating effects. With alcohol, I feel my body energy start to lag after a few sips.

I had many examples of peak health when I lived in Boulder CO. It seemed everyone I knew on a spiritual path was also finding ways to create vibrant physical health. They hiked, meditated, ate high quality foods, and didn’t smoke, drink or do drugs. When I moved to AR, the spiritually minded people I met enjoyed drinking and drugs and didn’t seem to put a high value on health.  This was quite a shock for me. I had come to associate the spiritual path with peak health.

Of course, anyone can be spiritual, regardless of how they treat their body. On the other hand, I believe that treating your body as temple (offering it love, good food, water, and exercise) can be a doorway to both spirit and peak health.

Lately I’m appreciating how my amazing body allows me to experience and interact with both spirit and the physical world. I feel more alive in my body, mind & spirit. For move on aliveness, check out my blog on being alive. I’m finding this state more available to me as I embrace my body and life with gratitude. There are so many delicious sights, sounds, aromas, critters, plants, people, and other marvels to experience in this wonderful world. My body and life have become precious gifts to be appreciated. Without a body, how would spirit consciously experience and express in this world?

Good health also allows me to move and express freely in the world; to sing, dance, hike, bike, connect and touch others. I would love to share these delicious feelings with you. And I’ve been reminded that my health could disappear in the blink of an eye. So maybe you’ll join me in celebration! Consider treating your body as a precious gift to appreciate. Then see if this helps you to feel both spirit and more alive.

Today, I go forth with more compassion for those not enjoying good health, and renewed awe at the miracle of life.

To your peak health,

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