Being Alive

“Here we are, we are alive, alive! And we are fearless. You gotta lose your power to find your heart”. Great lyrics and song by Dala from Canada.

Hearing these lyrics sparked a nice thought train for me and the question What does it mean to be alive?

For me it means to let connect fully with life, not just a quick mental “oh that’s nice”.  Sitting in the Fayetteville Public Library yesterday, I was looking out the windows at the beautiful mountain views. My mind acknowledged the beauty with a quick nod and then it was ready for the next thing. Instead, I paused to breathe in the beauty and gratitude. Then came a wave of aliveness running through my body. Being alive means to fully open to the potential of me, the moment & life. Life is constantly bringing me opportunities, but am I open?

The good news is that we are designed to feel. Life will nudge us toward our highest good if we pay attention. The more we take care of our precious body/mind/ spirit, the more we can feel the connection between our choices and their consequences. As I recently blogged; the choices we make in our thoughts greatly shape our lives. Our thoughts lead to our words. Repeated words become our story, leading to our habits, our character, and ultimately our life!

I like lofty intentions to inspire me. And I’m also learning to allow for my imperfections, failures, and detours. It helps to soften my inner dialog. I’ve started using the phrase “Gentle it Up” to remind me when I’m being too hard or critical. In other words, self acceptance is a big part of opening to more aliveness.

Being alive means consciously opening and connecting with life, both within and without. The eternal dance of creation, exploring and expanding life in the direction that our soul calls. If we pay attention, then our soul guides us along the journey with our feelings and energy. My inner muse suggests that we find & follow our joy!

Keep on trekking!

P.S. It may sound like I have it all figured out, but I don’t. I’m simply a writer sharing  my journey to joy with the intention to teach and inspire us both.

5 thoughts on “Being Alive

  1. Yes. Be gentle with yourself. If you would not be so harsh with others, why be so harsh with you?

    You may not have worked it all out, but you have worked this bit out, and even, sometimes, put it into practice!


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