Joyful Living

Do you aspire to being more joyful? I know I do. I yearn for it because I have tasted the sweetness of living joyfully.

Unfortunately, for too many years, I allowed the contrast of missing that connection to be my main focus in life. Just ask anyone who met me in my early years living in Fayetteville. I was a mess and willing to talk about it constantly. Fast forward to this spring and I was doing the same thing again! I was repeatedly thinking, talking, and focusing on what was missing from my life, what I didn’t like and why. In my mind, this justified feeling bad and stuck in my life.

Thankfully I remembered to use the concepts of deliberate creation by Abe; that what we focus on expands. I started consciously shifting my thoughts, feelings and life in the direction of what I do want in my life. And finding aspects that I can appreciate right here and now. This began in late summer. One of my first changes was to get more consistent with my meditation time.

Now I’m meditating 2 times a day, in the morning and late afternoon, sometimes again at night before bed. Most days I come out of my meditation refreshed and ready to live fully. I often feel peaceful, joyful and ready to reach out to life. Whereas, when I lose connection during the day, I feel distress, fearful, and ready to isolate. My meditation gives me a good base, but I find it not enough to sustain good feelings all day.

To do that requires consistently choosing thoughts, words and actions that feel good. Our feelings are our built in radar to remind us whether we are moving in the direction of love or fear. If we feel good, then we are in alignment with our source, love and our dreams. If we feel bad ( fear, sad, contracted), then we are not in alignment with our source, dreams and goals.

The process of alignment is actually very simple, but not always easy. We need to be aware of what we are thinking, feeling and doing. We need to accept responsibility for our lives. We need to trust and believe that we can have what we want. But the primary choice is to be joyful. Once we make this commitment, books, friends and tools will show up to support our decision. Usually for me, so will fear and doubt, testing me to see if I’m going step into this new expanded way of living. And again, my feelings will tell me whether I’m aligning with my goal of being more joyful.

Life works the same whether the goal is a state of being, a relationship, a job, more money, or health. For more information on the art of deliberate creation, visit the Abraham-Hicks website.

Joyful Living

For more on my journey to joy, see my original blog.

The great news is that now I am able to feel joy almost at will. One of my rituals is to pause, opening my mind, heart, and arms to embrace source. I usually feel more alive, connected and joyful by simply inviting this connection with source. Try this to see how it works for you. I’d be curious if this is more individual or universal?

More tips on thriving will be coming soon to a blog near you! chuckles and blessings, Brad


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