Occupy your heart; a call to peace and oneness

In times of great challenge, I like to remember that the chinese character for crisis also means opportunity. I’m see great potential in the Occupy movement started in NY and spreading around the country. And great danger depending on our choices. Therefore, I have a bold suggestion.

Start with yourself. Occupy your heart first and remember that there is no other, no enemy.

Let’s make the loving dreams of the 60s a reality by approaching the problem from an enlightened viewpoint. Isn’t it time to give peace a chance? I propose that making enemies of the “other” is NOT the solution. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, to fix a problem we need to think and act from a new level; to come at it from a new and bigger perspective. If you believe in a connected world, then attacking others serves no useful purpose. In fact it adds energy to the polarity, which only increases the problem and split between the two sides. I believe this is why we see so much chaos in the world today.

We have many people wanting to make a difference; to end pollution, to save the whales, to end corporate greed, etc. With the interconnected world of media and internet, the news spreads like wild fire. The ideas, excitement, and emotion spread just as quickly. These are all noble goals, but let’s look at the energy dynamics. The more that we push on the problem, the larger it gets. Look at the war on drugs. It hasn’t worked at all; drugs use is up, related crime is up, arrests are up, and spending is up! What’s up with that?!

This has several practical solutions. First, it suggests to begin with yourself.  As the mystics say, be the change you seek. Let’s stop making enemies of those who are different from us or have a different viewpoint. Let’s treat them as sacred, valued friends with a hidden message for us. If we offer peace and listen from our hearts, then we might be able to find the common ground for building a better world. The key is to live from a perspective of “us” with all life connected.

From a metaphysical perspective, the things in the world that bother us are reflecting areas that we need to embrace, heal, love and accept within ourselves.  The more we can accept our own imperfections, weaknesses, and dark side, the less these need to play out externally.

And choice is power. Do you choose to feed the problem or the solution? Where you put your time and energy is what you are actually helping grow, regardless of your ideals. So if you are raging against corporate greed, guess what? You are helping it grow bigger! We can be the solution by supporting local business with our spending. We vote every day with our dollars.

So if the problems of the world bother you, Good on you as the Ausies say. Thanks for caring and taking action too. Please focus your concern into loving actions that help unite our world, not further divide it. No more enemies. We are one extended family of life. Let’s be the enlightened leaders that we want. Be loving in your heart, mind and action.

Blessings to All, Brad


8 thoughts on “Occupy your heart; a call to peace and oneness

  1. Great article! Looking for the way of peace instead of conflict in each other isn’t how most of us are wired. We’ve got to change the way we think if we want a different future. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Kim,
      thanks for your feedback. Yes, I still have to remember to embrace my challenges. It is definitely not automatic! With having a new blog, it’s a delight to have someone new find me & comment. Thanks.


  2. Lovely post. It reminds me a little bit of the ‘appreciative inquiry’ approach, of finding what works, dreaming a better life and building on that. It’s a heartfelt approach we really need, I think. Thanks Brad.


    • Hi Nicci, Thanks for taking the time to follow the comment thread and read this post. Yes, appreciative inquiry is a nice approach. I was just writing a new post for our Unity community about the need for better listening!


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