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Autumn Treats

Autumn Treats No time for creative writing today, just a few photos from the last few weeks with our extended warm weather and flowers hanging on. Saying goodbye to my beautiful garden. Thanks for all the beauty and joy! The last hurrah from my zinnias.                    …

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Finding the Flow

Finding the Flow As I’ve slowed down to find my way during this time of change, I hear my inner mentor that I call “musebrad”. Here are some messages that I heard in a time of flow last week. I heard there is no right or one path, simply the path of peace (which we…

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Awesome Stories 247

This week Awesome Stories brings you better urban design, mindfulness in schools, Wendell Berry, the Love Kitchen and sustainable homes. Paris Gets a Makeover This grand square in Paris received an enlightened design makeover. Despite being a very busy traffic area, the architects proposed turning the main focus for Place de la République square to pedestrians.…

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Autumn Treasures

Autumn Treasures   walking on a wooded path mind and breath slowing down my senses waking and tingling grateful for the sights and sounds peace washes over me attuned to the present moment where nature and I harmonize partners in the dance of life the creator and the creation beauty unfolding as presence    …

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Amazing Hemp: Nature’s Cure

Amazing Hemp: Nature’s Cure Hemp is an amazing plant with so many great benefits. I keep writing about it because I keep being amazed by what I learn. Hemp is a crop that could ease or eliminate many of the world’s challenges like energy, food and pollution. It is easy to grow and prolific with…

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Awesome Stories 246

This week Awesome Stories brings you fall foliage, paddle boarding, seniors in high school, future cars and super mom. Fantastic Fall Foliage If you want to take a scenic fall road trip, here are 10 of America’s Best Places for Fall Foliage. A cute little town nearby called Eureka Spings is on the list. My…

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Colorful Longings

Colorful Longings colors glowing with soft autumn light leafs blowing dancing in delight autumn dazzling with glory revealed beauty flowing from rivers concealed ~ questions circle like mystic hounds light shimmering on sacred  grounds beauty soothes my soulful longing momentarily relaxing into belonging    

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Autumn Changes

Autumn Changes This is a post I hoped to never write. I’ve been stewing about it for days (weeks, months). My life has been in a downhill slide for the past 4 years. I’ve hinted at some of the issues, but pride kept me from going into too much detail. So here’s the messy truth.…

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Awesome Stories 245

This week Awesome Stories brings you email addresses for trees, mixed marriage, beauty, Arkansas inspiration and a solar village. Arkansas Inspiration Here is another peek at some inspiring places and photos from around Arkansas. See Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore! What’s your favorite photo? Mine is Soul Enlightenment with a close second for September…